Policy Owner Services

Since 1951, Harvey Watt has been the industry leader in pilot insurance services, managing Pilot Life Insurance, Disability Plans, & Pilot Medical Certificate Advocacy for more than 65,000 pilots. As pilot advocates, we help you stay on your career path, or get back to it, with significantly reduced lost time and minimum financial loss.

The representatives in our Policy Owner Services Department are experts in the field and are here to help you understand the products available and how they can provide your only income protection or supplement other coverages you may have.  Our consultants are paid by salary, not commission, and are committed to helping pilots choose the right protection for themselves and their families.

Let us put our expertise to work for you, saving you time and money! 

Please fill out the Contact Us form if you are a pilot, spouse, or work for an aviation company and interested in the following services:

  • Receive a free instant quote for Life or Pilot Disability Insurance
  • Increase or decrease your current coverage
  • Learn more about the plan we manage for your airline or company
  • Purchase individual supplemental coverage
  • Report new annual earnings for your Loss of License coverage

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