Our Staff

    Our Claims Department is unrivaled in the aviation industry. Our knowledgeable professionals have an average of 13 years of specialized experience and are trained on a routine basis for HIPAA, ERISA, and the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act.

    Claim and Medical Consultants undergo our Harvey Watt AeroMedical Academy and regular continuing education. Trained by the FAA at the Civil Aviation Medical Institute headquarters in Oklahoma City, consultants receive the same initial training and testing certification requirements as FAA AeroMedical Examiners.

    Sean Daigre has decades of experience as our Claims Director, is fully AME-trained by the FAA and ensures that the rest of his staff is as well. Our Medical Director is Dr. Warren Silberman, MHA. As a certified specialist in Aerospace Medicine from the American Board of Preventive Medicine, he has been working with pilots for his entire career. Prior to joining us, Dr. Silberman led the FAA’s AeroMedical Department for over 16 years and was instrumental in writing much of the Medical Standards and Certification section of the Federal Aviation Regulations. He was also a partner in the development of the ALPA HIMS Program.

    Our other licensed Senior AME physicians have served as Federal Flight Surgeon, Airline Medical Director, military Flight Surgeon, and Airline HIMS Advisor. Other staff member designations include MD, DO, EMT, Senior AME, Flight Surgeon Nurse, Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) levels 1-3, MBA, PHD. Every case is reviewed for quality control by a team of full-time auditors to ensure the highest level of service.

    The extensive Harvey Watt Medical Network of independent physicians, coupled with our close relationship to the FAA, means that cases are reviewed and decisions are made with far less down time. Our physicians and medical consultants provide preventive medical direction to help avoid disability and the loss of an airman’s medical certificate. They review medical records and assist an expedited return to flight status. It is not uncommon, that with their assistance, permanent disabilities are avoided.