Loss of Medical License Disability Insurance

Harvey Watt exclusively offers the following Pilot Disability Income Insurance Plans designed to meet the needs of scheduled carrier pilots with accrued sick bank.

Pilot Short Term Disability

Loss of Medical License coverage. Benefits can begin after only 14 days following an injury or illness and payable through the first six months of a disability. 3 optional waiting periods to choose from, based on your Sick Bank balance or savings.

Lump Sum Catastrophic Disability Income Insurance

A Lump Sum benefit is payable when you are permanently unable to fly. It allows a disabled pilot to live within the reduced monthly income that invariably follows a permanent Loss of License.

Air Health Monthly Pay Disability Income Insurance

A Monthly Pay benefit to supplement your income on a monthly basis, including when you are temporarily disability, but expecting to return to active flight status when your health permits. Waiting periods as short as 6 months and payable for up to 4 years.

Extended Long-Term Disability & Loss of License Plan

Disability income protection for benefits up to age 65 or beyond if initially disabled in your 60's. Plans can start paying after other loss of license plans have finished paying out their benefit. Pilot and non-pilot definitions of disability options are available.

We have insurance designed specifically for many different pilot groups. Contact us to learn more about a Life or Disability Insurance Plan designed just for you.