Insurance Plans and Rates

1 in 20 Pilots suffer a long term grounding greater than 4 months every year. Protect your family with Insurance that meet your needs.

Harvey Watt & Co. invented Pilot Loss of Medical License Insurance in 1951. Today, our company administers life insurance and disability insurance for over 65,000 pilots through airlines, associations, and individual plans. Protect yourself and your family with insurance products designed specifically for pilots, spouses, and employees of aviation companies. Our Insurance Products include:

Pilot Insurance Benefits

  • Security - Replace income if you can no longer fly due to your health.
  • Portability - Coverage and rates will not change if who you fly for, where you fly, or your union changes.
  • Peace of Mind - Once enrolled, if your policy has not terminated, you keep your coverage with no future health questions.
  • Best Price - Representatives are paid by salary, not commission, saving you money.

DID YOU KNOW? 31 percent...of families would feel a financial impact in just one month after the unexpected loss of a loved one's salary.* If cases are handled improperly, the FAA will ground pilots until they’re verified to be safe. 

Harvey Watt advocates for pilots to avoid unnecessary groundings. 

* LIMRA 2014 Insurance Barometer Study


Aviation Medical Advocacy

Harvey Watt policy holders receive FAA Medical Certification Advocacy. Dr. Warren Silberman, our Medical Director, was the former Chief of the FAA Medical Certification Division, authored many of the current FAA rules and requirements. If there's a way to help get you back in the air, he and his staff of doctors and nurses will find it. 

Our experience tells us one in twenty pilots is on long term disability every year. Let us protect you!

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Loss of License vs. Long Term Disability

Traditional Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance plans don’t typically consider a pilot disabled once his treating doctor or insurance company clears him to return to work. However, many times the grounding period is prolonged by additional FAA requirements that must be met to return to flight status. This is why Harvey Watt invented Loss of Medical Disability Insurance, also known as Loss of License Insurance. Harvey Watt has 65 years of experience, and is the only U.S. provider of pilot disability plans with an FAA medical licensing definition of disability for professional pilots.

Loss of License Insurance is the most liberal form of LTD insurance. It covers more than traditional LTD insurance because it takes into account the pilot’s ability to hold a FAA Medical Certificate. Loss of License insurance covers the pilot if he/she is cleared to return to work but is still grounded due to flight safety concerns.