Group Reporting Information at Your Fingertips

Harvey Watt & Co. has 65 years of experience serving major U.S. airlines and insurers. We understand that each organization has unique needs that change over time. We are nimble and provide clients with reporting and data transfers that change when you need change.

We can handle any group data requirements for your organization, including pilot-specific fields and data logic reporting, based on your specific criteria.


Pilot Disability Management System

Experience the best in reporting technology through Harvey Watt’s exclusive, multi-million dollar Pilot Disability Management System (PDMS). This proprietary absence management claims tracking system is built by Progress Inc., the leader in disability claims software. The robust reporting capabilities of our PDMS feature the ability to completely tailor the pilot information tracked, including:

  • Medical Certification Status, Aircraft, Type of Flying (country specific certification requirements), Line Flown, Reserve or Active, Base, Sick Bank Exhaust Balance

Proprietary reporting logic places information in your hands to identify trends, on the job injury analysis, and regular Stewardship Reporting so that you know how many pilots we were able to help and why they are not flying.

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