Group Insurance

Combining FAA Medical Certification and Insurance Expertise

Harvey Watt & Co. develops tailored Group insurance plans to fit your needs. We serve more professional pilots than any other organization in the world. Our 65,000 pilots fly for major U.S. airlines, international carriers, Part 91 and Part 135 Operators. 

Our AeroMedical Department advocates for pilots to help them receive proper FAA Medical Certification approval to get back to the cockpit faster, or even avoid a disability altogether by helping them keep their medical. Because many major insurance companies and airlines have seen this faster certification timeline translated into cost savings for both the pilots and carriers, they will only write insurance for pilots through us so they have access to these services.

We make the process easier by knowing what grounds a pilot and how to get them back. That means claims are paid when they should be, less headaches, and costs are better contained.

Browse our Group Insurance Plans that we can tailor specifically for you and your pilots.

  • We work with airlines, aviation organizations, insurers, and unions.
  • We go to market to let insurers compete for your business.
  • Partner with brokerage firms.
  • Plans can be partially or wholly funded by employer, association, or pilot.
  • As a licensed third party administrator, we administer direct billing and pilot payroll deductions.
  • We offer Concierge Claim Services to work with the pilot and family in time of need.
  • Our insurance plans can be bundled with AeroMedical Advisory Services and Pilot Medical Certification Services

Harvey Watt Advocates for You

Our years of experience in medical assistance and supervision of claimants show that we get pilots back on flight status sooner than when unassisted. You and your pilots will see significant cost savings when we assist them back to the cockpit 3 months, 6 months or a year earlier than might otherwise be the case. We have helped many pilots get back to work when he/she would otherwise have been out permanently. In those situations, the benefits are immeasurable.

We Provide:

  • Education through our monthly Aviation Medical Bulletin
  • Preventive medical assistance to keep your pilots flying
  • Medical assistance during disability
  • Medical Recertification assistance
  • Ongoing documentation and issue resolution

Our aviation insurance plans are specifically designed to meet your needs. Select the logo below for your organization, or contact us to discover how you can benefit from a Group Life or Disability Insurance Plan.