• Custom Insurance Plans

    Serving more pilots than any other provider in the world. Our life insurance & disability insurance plans can be tailored for groups of any size.

  • FAA Medical Certification Services

    Direct pilot assistance through education, preventive medical programs, & FAA recertification to keep pilots in the cockpit.

  • Claims Assistance

    We are pilot advocates! We interface with the FAA, make sure that claims are paid when they should be, and help pilots get back to flying sooner. 

  • Reporting Technology

    Custom dashboard reporting allows Group Leaders to view the number of assisted pilots, common diagnoses, duration of assistance, and more.

- Exclusive Group and Individual Products and Services -

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Published since 1969, this well-known monthly health newsletter is filled with up-to-date, helpful health and medical information drawn from many of the world's most respected medical authorities and literature. While particularly relevant to those whose occupation is dependent upon their health, it is also read by many others to whom good health is important.  Check your Airline or Organization's website to see if the Bulletin is already provided to you or Subscribe Now or Contact US!

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About Harvey Watt

65 Year History

After flying in World War II and 30 years for the airlines, Harvey Watt recognized the unique needs of professional pilots and pioneered Disability Loss of License insurance. Today, Harvey Watt & Co. is the world’s largest provider of comprehensive pilot insurance and services for airlines, insurers, and individuals.

  • Serving 65,000 pilots worldwide
  • Pilot insurance leader since 1951
  • Exclusive network of over 500 medical examiner specialists
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