Serving Pilots Since 1951

    DID YOU KNOW? Our founder, Harvey Watt, created the first Loss of License Insurance in 1951 to protect professional pilots and their families from devastating financial loss due to disability.

    Harvey Watt & Co. designs and manages Disability and AeroMedical plans to fit the specific needs of airlines, insurers, organizations, and unions. We help pilots stay healthy, and advocate for them when disability strikes. 

    The Birth of Pilot Disability Insurance

    Harvey Watt began his aviation career teaching U.S. Army Air Corps cadets how to fly. In 1940 he bought his first plane, a Cub Coupe, with the help of 9 other investors and began flying across the country selling insurance. As he rose through the ranks of Eastern Airlines, Harvey Watt realized that there was no coverage or assistance available to his fellow pilots if they became disabled. He saw firsthand the devastating effect health issues had on the lives of airmen and their families. As a result, he created Loss of License Insurance for professional pilots. 

    AeroMedical Assistance & Support

    Harvey Watt knew that pilots using the insurance he had invented also needed medical assistance and support, so he hired a full-time senior AeroMedical Examiner to serve as the company’s first medical director. Since that time, every Harvey Watt customer is given free, unlimited access to company physicians and medical staff who understand the intricacies of working with the FAA. The reassurance and peace of mind that comes with this service is immeasurable.

    Through our membership affiliations, Harvey Watt & Co. has built vital relationships with the AeroMedical community and aviation health experts around the world:

    Committed to Pilot Advocacy

    The goal of Harvey Watt & Co. is to advocate for pilots so they can get back to flying status. For example, the first skyjacking in the 1950s ended with the skyjacker discharging the gun in the cockpit and the pilot losing sight in one eye. The AeroMedical staff of Harvey Watt & Co. proved to the FAA that depth perception is a learned trait and, once the pilot was healthy, got him back in the cockpit.

    Today, Harvey Watt clients enjoy three levels of protection: education, preventive medical assistance, and disability rehabilitation & recertification advocacy. Contact us to learn how we can save you time and money!