Return to Work Verification

We have provided caring and knowledgeable assistance to pilots for over 65 years. Choosing Harvey Watt means having an expert business partner who will advocate for you and protect your best interests. 

We help pilots return to work faster with:

  • AeroMedical Expertise – We understand how to resolve medical issues according to FAA regulations.
  • FAA Expertise – We know what it takes for pilots to be legal to fly and how to keep them FAA-certified.
  • Insurance Expertise – We know how to administer disability claims, gather medical records from treating physicians, request appropriate FAA documentation, comply with government regulations, and when to to challenge or deny claims. 

Don’t Risk Flying Illegally!

Depend on Harvey Watt to report your medical issues properly to the FAA, and get the confirmation you need that you are legal to fly. Our medical staff can review protected health information and confirm that you have received the proper FAA certification approval before flying. Don’t risk it! Let Harvey Watt’s licensed doctors review your paperwork and ensure that you have everything needed to return to work.

Contact Harvey Watt today to utilize the Return to Work Verification services.