Pilot Medical Certificate Advocacy

DID YOU KNOW? Two-thirds of Americans are taking medications for at least two chronic illnesses before age 65.

Harvey Watt helps pilots report medications and health conditions to the FAA correctly to avoid being grounded or flying illegally.

Industry Leaders in FAA Medical Certification Services

For more than 65 years, Harvey Watt has stood behind pilots with a full-time AeroMedical staff. Pilots turn to us every day when faced with the harsh reality that the FAA has disqualified them from flying. Our clients rely on us to represent them to the FAA and save their flying careers. Harvey Watt advocates, represents, and assists pilots to get them back to cockpit faster. This program comes at no additional charge with the purchase of our Disability Loss of Medical License Insurance Options. Or, contact us to see if already available through your airline, flight department, or association.

FAA Medical Certification Expertise

We know that when pilots face a grounding disability, they need more than benefits. Harvey Watt manages the medical recertification process, and confidentially advocates for airmen. Our AeroMedical Services are available to pilots with the purchase of Disability Loss of License Insurance, either individually or through your airline or organization. By navigating the FAA’s requirements, we help reduce pilots’ down time. Getting pilots back to flying is what we do!

We are proud that our Medical Directors previously were Chiefs of the FAA Medical Certification Division for a continuous 53 years. Our other licensed Senior AME physicians have served as Federal Flight Surgeons, Airline Medical Directors, Military Flight Surgeons, and Airline HIMS Advisors. They are backed by AME-certified medical consultants and Flight Nurses.

Delivering Individualized Pilot AeroMedical Care

Harvey Watt & Co. helps protect pilots and their families by bringing them the finest AeroMedical services in the industry. Whether it’s a brief question or presenting your case to the FAA Authorities in person, you can rely on us. Our goal is to get you back on flight status as quickly as possible.

Harvey Watt & Co. is the Only Company Featuring:

  • The former Chief of the FAA AeroMedical Certification Division and Federal Air Surgeon, who wrote many of the FAA’s current rules and regulations.
  • A full-time staff of licensed Senior AMEs, a rare designation given exclusively to the world’s most experienced and respected AMEs.
  • A complete staff of medical specialists trained by the FAA in Oklahoma City.
  • Customer Service Surveys sent to every pilot assisted.

Contact us to avoid a small issue becoming large.