Affiliations and Links

    Harvey Watt's Network of Experts

    ASMA: Aero Space Medical Association

    Harvey Watt & Co. was the first corporate member of the Aerospace Medical Association (ASMA). The company’s founder, Captain Harvey Watt, was awarded a Honorary Fellowship in ASMA for his contributions in the field of aviation medicine. Today, two awards are given to outstanding members of the Aerospace medical community each year by Harvey Watt & Co at the annual ASMA meetings.

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    Better Business Bureau: Accredited Business

    BBB website

    CAMA: Civil Aviation Medical Association

    As a corporate member of the Civil Aviation Medical Association, Harvey Watt & Co. gives the Audie and Bernice Davis, MD Award annually to an Aero-Medical Examiner who has made extraordinary contributions in the field of pilot health.

    CAMA website

    AMDA: Airline Medical Directors Association

    Harvey Watt & Co. strives to stay as close and active a member of the Aero-Medical community as possible as a member and active sponsor of the Airline Medical Directors Association.

    AMDA website

    International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine

    Harvey Watt worked with aviation health experts around the world as a member of the International Congress of Aerospace Medicine. We stand by our commitment to helping pilots across the globe.

    IAASM website

    The HIPAA Group

    Our active relationship with The HIPAA Group ensures regular privacy training of our personnel to stay abreast of all governing rules and regulations. All members of the Claims and Aeromedical Departments are HIPAA, ERISA, and Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act trained on a routine basis. Policy holders, claimants, and Aeromedical clientele can rest assured that their personal information is secure and the utmost confidentiality is maintained.

    HIPAA website

    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

    Since our founding in 1951, Harvey Watt has maintained a close relationship with the FAA so we stay current with AeroMedical policy changes affecting pilots.

    FAA website

    Federal Air Surgeon's Medical Bulletin

    The Air Surgeon’s Bulletin is the FAA’s vehicle for many of their large announcements, and is a great resource for keeping up to date on AeroMedical policy and procedures.

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    FAA Medical Certification page

    Links to vital resources for medical certificates, Aviation Medical Examiners, Drug & Alcohol Program, Health & Fitness, and MedXPress.

    FAA Medical Certification website

    CDC Air and Sea Travel Resources

    The CDC Travel Resources site is a great resource for up to the minute information on policy and procedures when large health concerns such as a flu outbreak occur.

    CDC Travel Resources website

    HIMS Program

    The HIMS Program for commercial pilots coordinates the identification, treatment, and return to the cockpit of impaired aviators. It is an industry-wide effort in which companies, pilot unions, and FAA work together to preserve careers and further air safety.

    HIMS website

    Council for Disability Awareness

    The Council for Disability Awareness is an independent organization tasked with researching and publishing the dangers and risks disability poses to earners and families. The risk of a pilot becoming disabled can easily be double the calculated risk than that of a non-pilot.

    Disability & Needs calculator