About Harvey Watt & Co

    Combining AeroMedical and Insurance Expertise as the industry leader

    DID YOU KNOW? Harvey Watt & Co. is the largest Loss of License Pilot Disability Insurance provider in the world!

    Serving over 65,000 pilots, we are the largest provider and manager of professional pilot disability insurance, life insurance, and AeroMedical services. Harvey Watt's success spans over six decades thanks to our unique understanding of what is required of pilots and how to insure it. We manage pilot disability programs for almost every major U.S. Airline and provide unique, supplemental life and disability products for many of them.

    Products tailored for individuals and groups of all sizes.

    We develop disability insurance, life insurance, supplemental LTD insurance, and AeroMedical Advisory plans in order to meet the needs of employers, unions, and individuals. Many insurance companies will only write Loss of License Pilot Disability Plans for pilots working with Harvey Watt because they have seen the cost-saving benefits of partnering with us. Because we know the pilots, policy makers, doctors, and insurance companies, we can provide the highest level of protection at the best value in the industry. We help keep pilots in the cockpit and get them back to work sooner. 

    Harvey Watt has a long history working for pilots, giving us the vital experience and knowledge to protect their potential and keep them flying.

    Working For Pilots

    Keeping Pilots in The Cockpit

    The ability to fly is a pilot’s most valuable asset. Protect that asset.We believe the best protection against misfortune is education and awareness. Health problems are a primary cause of loss of flight status. That’s why we have a full-time Senior AeroMedical Physician on staff as our Medical Director, alongside other Senior AME’s, serving as a medical resource and providing free medical advice to our clients. We also publish the Aviation Medical Bulletin monthly, which delivers timely health information in a concise, interesting format to promote health awareness and an improved lifestyle. 

    Protecting Pilots’ Potential

    The financial potential for an airline pilot is one of the highest of any profession. Protecting that potential is important. We offer Disability Loss of License and Life Insurance to assure your family a certain level of benefits, even if you become unable to continue providing for them. Disability Loss of License has two basic formats: The Monthly Pay Loss of License program provides you with enough tax money to cover bills and keep your life together until you recover. The Lump Sum Loss of License is unique in that it provides you with one, tax-free cash payment if a disability will permanently keep you from flying. Our Disability Loss of License plans together with our Life Insurance plans help to protect pilots and their earning potential, even when disaster strikes. 

    AeroMedical Excellence

    As an added value to all of our customers, our AeroMedical staff is standing by to assist you. Experience tells us that in most cases when a pilot isn't back on flight status within 18 to 24 months, it is likely the pilot will never get back to the cockpit. Therefore, assertive and supportive AeroMedical assistance is critical, and the sooner the better.

    Here at Harvey Watt & Company, we've insured and assisted pilots from Legacy Carriers, LCC's, Regional Carriers, as well as corporate and private pilots. Whether you are a pilot holding an individual policy, part of a group contract for AeroMedical Services, or a member of an airline or union whose policy we manage, we can help you. From simple medication questions to doctor-to-doctor consults, we have all of the experience and resources necessary to help keep you in the cockpit or get back to it as soon as possible.

    Our representatives are here to help make sure that you have the products and services that fit your needs with no pressure. Agents are compensated via salary not commission.

    Please visit our Insurance Products and Services page to view the full spectrum of options available to assist pilots or select your airline or affiliation (LINK TO union page) to see products designed especially for you.