Life Insurance

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Finally, a plan that rewards you for being a pilot or married to one. We understand that the professional pilot population is, as a whole, healthier than the general population and because we insure so many thousands of pilots, we are able to offer you such great rates!


If you have anyone who depends on your income, you need life insurance. It can take care of your dependents' financial needs even if you're not around. Your family can use the benefits to help:

  • Available to either the pilot or the spouse
  • provide a continuous source of income
  • assure your children's higher education
  • pay off the mortgage on your house
  • settle any other outstanding debts
  • pay for final expenses

These days, when so many families depend on two incomes to make ends meet, the need for insurance on both wage earners is more important than ever. And even if one spouse is a homemaker, replacing child and home care services so that you may continue to fly takes money as well.


Harvey Watt life insurance policies are guaranteed portable. So even if you change airlines, unions, or even careers, your insurance coverage will travel with you. Most company supplemental life plans will require you to convert to an individual life policy in the event you are disabled or have an employment change. This could result in much higher premiums and exclusions.

What If I Already Have Some Life Insurance?

Then you understand how important this kind of protection really is. But you may want to take another look at how much coverage you have. Your needs may have changed since you first bought that policy. For example, your income, personal debt or family size may have increased.


Compare our rates to the ones you are currently paying. If you have group life insurance at work, then you know the value of group buying power. But have you thought about what happens to that coverage when you leave the company, or start your own business? Chances are, if you don't lose it altogether, you'll pay a much higher rate to keep that protection.

  • Keep coverage without being asked future health questions. 
  • No exclusions except suicide, which is removed after 2 years.
  • Pilots and spouses can apply for up to $1,500,000 in coverage.


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