Pilot Disability Loss of License Insurance

The risk of becoming disabled is real. According to the Council for Disability Awareness1, one-in-eight workers will be disabled for five years of more during their working careers. Harvey Watt & Co. pioneered the development of Loss of License Insurance in 1951. Today our company administers disability insurance coverage for more than 65,000 pilots, the most in the US. 


Harvey Watt & Co. offers policy owners Aviation Medical Advocacy at no charge. If there's a way to help you get back in the air, our Medical Director will find it. Dr. Warren Silberman, the former Chief of the FAA Medical Certification Division, is here to help you.

  • Replace income if you can no longer fly due to your health.
  • Portability: coverage and rates will not change if who you fly for, where you fly, or your union changes.
  • No Future Health Questions: once enrolled, if your policy has not terminated, you keep your coverage with no future health questions.
  • Representatives are paid by salary, not commission.
  • Our experience tells us 1 in 20 pilots are on long term disability every year. 

Harvey Watt & Co. exclusively offers the following Pilot Disability Income Insurance Plans:

Lump Sum Catastrophic Disability Income Insurance2
A Lump Sum benefit is payable when you are permanently unable to fly. It allows a disabled pilot to live within the reduced monthly income that invariably follows a permanent Loss of License.

Air Health Monthly Pay Disability Income Insurance2
A Monthly Pay benefit to supplement your income on a monthly basis, including when you are temporarily disability, but expecting to return to active flight status when your health permits.  Waiting periods as short as 6 months and payable for up to 4 years.

Extended Long-Term Disability & Loss of License Plan
Disability income protection for benefits up to age 65 or beyond if initially disabled in your 60's. Plans can start paying after other loss of license plans have finished paying out their benefit. Pilot and non-pilot definitions of disability options are available.


1Commissioner's Disability Insurance Tables A and C, assuming equal weights by gender and occupation class

Lump Sum Catastrophic Benefit and Air Health Monthly Pay Benefit are provided under the Pilot Occupational Disability Income Insurance Policy (Policy Series 425) underwritten by Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Dallas, TX.  Administrative Offices: Kansas City, MO.  Products may not be available in all states.


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