FedEx Benefits Overview

Official Company AeroMedical Advisor

If you are a FedEx Express pilot, you now have have the full backing of the Harvey Watt AeroMedical Network led by our medical director Dr. Warren Silberman, the former FAA Chief of Medical Certification Division and Dr. Thomas Faulkner. Our full staff of medical consultants and flights surgeon nurses are all AME trained in OKC. So go ahead and ask our air health experts for advice. We believe that the best way to help protect your income is to help you stay in the air. That’s why we are as well known for helping pilots get back to work as we are for paying claims. In a moment’s notice, your future and the livelihood of your family could be changed forever. Please contact us for all of your AeroMedical needs. This service is provided to you by FedEx Express.


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