Express Jet Benefits Overview

What Makes Us Different

The Harvey Watt & Company team have provided a vital service in the aviation disability industry. Harvey Watt & Company is owned and staffed by experienced, knowledgeable experts who make it their business to be a leading in handling commercial pilot disability.


Established in 1951, we have assisted a wide variety of corporations, unions, affiliates and groups.


We are continually expanding our knowledge to efficiently service and expedite the FAA recertification process for our pilots. We combine individual talents, knowledge and working experience to serve our growing list of clients and customers.


The experience and background of our staff ranges from Senior AMEs, Flight Surgeon Nurse and FAA trained claims consultants. We all work closely together to assist with return to work efforts.


Our strong relationships with major airlines and union groups have evolved from years of working in the industry. The result is a well-earned distinctive edge in securing services for our client/customers.


We manage the XJT disability plan and offer supplemental group disability and life insurance to help protect pilots and their families.


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