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Harvey W. Watt & Co. is recognized as the industry leader in managing insurance programs specifically for pilots. Harvey W. Watt & Company (HWW) has been retained by Delta Air Lines to preform many of the administrative duties concerning Temporary Disability and Long Term Disability benefits under the Delta Pilots Disability and Survivorship Plan (D&S Plan).


We understand that there are few occupations that are as demanding as that of the professional pilot. There are even fewer that impose the stringent health requirements demanded of every pilot. A slight medical deficiency could ground you indefinitely, causing you to lose income and suffer severe financial hardship. Since 1951, when Harvey Watt & Co. pioneered the development of Group Airline Pilot Occupational Disability, we have worked exclusively with the professional pilots to keep them in the air or help them in every possible way that we can when they are unable to be flying.


As a Delta pilot, if you become disabled, you may be eligible for either Temporary or Long Term Disability. While some rules and features under the Plan apply to only one type, other rules and features apply to both types. The terms of the D&S Plan may be found in the Plan's official Summary Plan Description, which you may obtain by contacting the Employer Service Center (888-MY-DELTA;


Please note that the following information provides a summary of the medical review process and provides a list of action items to assist pilots who may be out on an extended absence for medical reasons. The plan document controls in the event of any conflict between this summary and the plan document.


Required Pilot Actions:

  • Prior to exhausting sick leave, you should obtain a copy of the Delta Disability Package, which is available on the DeltaNet's Flight Operations homepage under the tab labeled "Forms and Reports." This package includes both TD and LTD application forms. Note: You must submit application forms to qualify for and receive TD benefits under the D & S plan. 
  • Both you and your Qualified Health Professional (QHP) must complete the required sections, and you must submit all required forms at least three weeks prior to the date you exhaust sick leave to avoid any delay in receiving TD benefits. 
  • Once all requirements are received your claim should be processed within 4-6 business days of receipt.
  • Send all completed forms and supporting documentation (mail or fax) to:
Harvey Watt & Company
Att: Delta Disability Claims
P.O. Box 20787
Atlanta, GA 30320
Fax: 404-761-8326

Harvey Watt Account representation: Kelia Culbreath 800-898-9027 ext 228