Cape Air Benefits Overview

 Official Cape Air Disability Insurance

Cape Air and Harvey Watt are pleased to offer insurance options to meet your needs at competitive group rates.


The risk of becoming disabled is real; yet, Americans continue to underestimate that risk. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, 64% of employees believe they have a 2% or less chance of being disabled for three months or more during their working career. The actual odds for a current worker are about 30%. One-in-eight workers will be disabled for five years or more during their working careers. Our experience with over 65,000 pilots in the US is 1 in 20 are disabled every year.


Cape Air and Harvey Watt are pleased to offer both short and long term disability available to all eligible full time employees of Cape. It will provide protection from a disabling condition that prevents you from doing your own occupation. For pilots, this plan actually has a true loss of medical license definition of disability. Please see the complete enrollment package for a plan summary description.


Cape Air will pay half of the cost of coverage for the Base Short Term Disability (STD) plan which will can pay a 50% benefit after a 7 day waiting period. Additional coverage is available as a voluntary Buy-Up to 66.7%.


Long Term Disability Insurance is also available for eligible employees to provide income protection from a disabling condition that would prevent employees from doing your own occupation or a loss of medical license certification issue for pilots. It can pay up to years if you are disabled from your own occupation and may pay until age 65 (or beyond if disabled after age 60) if you cannot do any other gainful occupation and earn 60% of what you were making.


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