Atlas Air Benefits Overview

AAWW and Harvey Watt & Co. have teamed up to make sure that you and your family are protected.


AeroMedical Services

Harvey Watt & Co. is the official AeroMedical provider for AAWW. As part of your AAWW membership, the full services of our entire AeroMedical team have been made available to you at no extra cost. We stand by to assist should you have something as small as a question about a medication to a full on medical emergency and need us to submit your case to the FAA. We are sure you will be pleased with the reassurance that can only come from a Senior AME, Flight Surgeon Nurse, and the rest of the FAA medically trained staff at Harvey Watt & Co.


AeroMedical Assitance Point of Contact: 

Nancy Tahaney 800-241-6103 ext 261

Brenda Simmons 800-241-6103 ext 234


Harvey Watt & Co. is pleased to bring AAWW pilots the best products available at the most competitive group prices. 

You can purchase our AAWW endorsed life and loss of license plans as your primary coverage or use them to supplement your employer provided and or association sponsored insurance plans.


Disability Loss of License
With a variety of Monthly Benefit products and our unique Lump Sum Benefit products, we lead the industry in solutions to the active pilot's biggest financial threat -- the potential loss of license because of disability.

Life Insurance
We have solutions for your Life Insurance needs. First, however, you need to answer a critical question: How much life insurance do you need? 

Aviation Medical Bulletin
Published since 1969, this well-known monthly health newsletter is filled with up-to-date, helpful health and medical information. While particularly relevant to those whose occupation is dependant upon their health, it is also read by many others to whom good health is important.